She is Malala

Conflicts in Gaza, Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, etc…many civilian (including kids) are being deprived of their rights and lives. And I share this feeling with the majority of the people in the world: “Please stop it!” This was further strengthened by reading a book about the right of education “I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up […]

Pakistan vs Save the Children

News! There is another controversial movement in Pakistan happened a few days ago: Pakistani police and government officials closed the Islamabad offices of the international NGO (Non Governmental Organization), Save the Children. Although I have never been there, I kept my eyes open to this country, since I have written several times about its move […]

Handwriting vs typing

What was I trying to say 30 seconds ago?? Yes, everyone forgets. So what we do is to use one of the greatest innovations of human beings— “Note taking” The questions I would like to address today is “What is note taking? When comparing the traditional (hand writing) and modern (typing) way, which one is better […]