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Thank you for your visit! This is Hiroshi Okamoto a.k.a MD.

Simply put, this multi-lingual blog is about any kind of learning.

In case you want to continue, below is the detail on the introduction of myself and this blog content and title.

【About author】

To summarize, I am an EducatorPerformer, and Life-long learner, as shown in the image below


Currently, I am in Mauritania (developing country in West Africa) and working in international education development. Previously I worked in Mongolia, Chile and the U.S. in education (teacher/teacher trainer and project/programme manager).

When I say educator work, people often ask me “did you like studying at school?” or “Did you have favorite teachers?”. But when I was a student in Japan, I was far from “good student! as I did not like school study and my grade was less than average. Although I was very curious and ask many questions during classes, teachers would tell me “reduce your questions” or “do it later” so my image towards teachers was rather limited and even negative. Also when I am in the curious mode, I did not mind doing something different from others, so I also experienced semi-bullying. So honestly I didn’t have so much good memory at school. I was also very fat when I was primary and middle school student. I even thought that my life would be boring.

On the other hand, I loved learning what I was curious about outside school, teaching something, and playing with children, so I decided to major education to provide children with precious and joyful learning time at school (where I did not enjoy studying and teachers who narrowed the possibilities). Many years later, instead of me teaching in the classroom, I am working on providing education access or improving quality of learning in developing countries. That shift in my career was triggered through my performer background.


So far, I have been involved with performing activities of musician, dancer, actor, chef, designer and presenter.

I realized that teacher is also performer, when I was working as an educator at day time and street dancer at night time. My mind started wandering like this: “mmm the class room is like a stage” →”Teachers who attract children are like actors”→”Good teacher is good actor, and vise versa!”.  Then I decided to go to New York to study acting to become better teacher. I was given a roll resembling Jackie Chan as an Asian actor with dancing and physical capacity. For some reason, I also participated in “Bathing suit cool guy talent contest” and won the 1st prize through mixed performance of cooking, dance and story telling.

As I liked creating (and eating!), then I became a chef and really into it. Behind the fancy dining floor of the restaurant, the most of kitchen workers are Mexican working under difficult condition without visa. Through them, I learned Spanish, Latino’s easy-going atmosphere (the one that Japanese classroom would not accept) and heartbreaking stories (e.g. leaving their families and crossing borders under dangerous condition). They were also the ones who inspired to go for educational development career in developing countries.

Since then, I have pursued joyful and creative learning and developed/implemented several education programme based on my performer background (teaching literacy through acting, hip hop education, presentation without letters, teacher training module on creative teaching, etc.)

Believing in the notion of “Good teacher⇄Good actor”, I have gone through different performer activities, but in retrospect, ever dot was connected. And the core of energy which pushed me to do those was curiosity and passion toward learning.

〈Life-long learner〉

Although I had no previous background,I could learn a variety of skills so far: (in the U.S.) English, acting, cooking and Spanish; (In Chile) French, self-hair cut and how to make office desk; (In Mongolia) Chinese and Mongolian language and beatbox and; (In Mauritania) currently Arabic and how to make great Natto; (traveling more than 50 countries) many soft skills to make up my own way. Through these, I became “addict to learning”, as the more I learn what I did not know, the more I want to learn. Looking back on my school days in Japan when I was not learning spontaneously, I really came to believe the importance of life-long learning.

Life is once but learning is endless, so I would like to learn as much as I want before putting period to my life. For that, I really need to stay healthy pyisically and psycologically. That is why I am practicing what I call “3E”ーEat well, Exercise well, Energize well (sleep, learning and meditation). To keep learning (one of the energizing pillars), I started this blog.

【About this blog】

So you got some idea of who I am. To explain about this blog, please take a look at the blog log below.

As the subtitle states, this is about Curiosity (?), Creativity (◎—⬜︎), and Learning(!), and logo shows each symbol.


I write quite randomly about anything I became curious about and interested in. It includes local life in developing countries, travel, language, life skills,  life organizer, how to create things, education, art, culture, etc.


Creativity is like muscle. The more you use, the more it expands. Through drawing the suitable illustration on the entry and writing, I wish to maintain/improve creative skills.


At first I started this as my own diary without publishing. But gradually, I decided to write for audience, and increased the languages (currently four languagesーEnglish, Spanish, French and Japanese). Each entry includes “learning from this time” and I hope to keep learning on the languages and contents.

In fact, this logo is strongly related with symbol of myself (do you see the link?)


【About the blog title “MD NO SUSUME”】

「MD」: My performer name
「NO」: It is possessive word in Japanese
「SUSUME」:two meanings in Japanese: (1) Recommendation and (2) Moving forward

Thus, through experience in local life in developing countries and travel as well as a variety of learning, it is my (MD NO) recommendations (SUSUME) for moving forwards (SUSUME) for myself and ideally for the readers.

That’s it. Thank you for reading. If you could leave your comments and/or subscribe, that would motivate even more!


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  1. AvatarSara


    Je m’appelle Sara. Je viens de découvrir votre blog et je veux vous féliciter parce que je le trouve tellement intéressant! Je suis une fille espagnole qui étudie justement le japonais, l’anglais et le français et qui aime faire des dessins aussi! Je me sens vraiment inspiré pour votre blog. Je vais l’ajouter dans mes favoris et le lire pour avoir plus d’inspiration pour mes projets avec des langues et mes dessins. Merci merci merci pour l’inspiration!!



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