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Labor and Happiness

As is known globally, the characteristics of Japanese people are; working hard but enjoying the life less, considering a high rate of suicide.

There is a country, however, whose characteristics are similar on the former but totally different on the latter, that is, working hard and enjoying the life.

The country is…
Yes, Mexico!!

•According to the OECD report, people in Mexico work an average of 2250 hours (paid+ unpaid)per year, nearly 500 hours more than people of other OECD countries who work 1776 hours per year. Japan is the number 2 (if calculated only by paid hour, it is the top country)

•While in Mexico the organization calculated the average salary in nine thousand 885 U.S. dollars per year, what the average worker earns an OECD country reached 34 000 $ 466. (about 4 times less than the average)

•School isn’t a bright spot, either. When it comes to education, Mexico falls well below OECD nations in reading literacy, math, and science test scores. Few people earn a high school diploma compared to the rest of the OECD field: 36 percent versus the organization average of 74 percent

•Still, the Mexicans are among happiest citizens of the OECD. The 85 percent of respondents said that daily lives more positive experiences than negative. The OECD average in this category is 80 percent.
That is, among OECD countries, Mexican people tend to work more, earn less, have less education, but enjoy their lives more.
When I was working as a chief, my Mexican coworkers had worked more than 70 hours per week and always smiled to everyone, which moved all of us. They made me think about what the real happiness of the life. I have no answer to that yet.

The link regardin this report is here:


Food Policy

Do you want an apple, banana or orange?

This is my backpack and it’s full of fruits, isn’t it?

Do I always carry fruits like this? No. These are fruits that I was given at one event.

The other day, I attended a four-hour-long seminar about nutrition at Teachers College called “bringing policy to the table.” It basically explains how NY and NJ can bring food policy into practice in a big scale.
Panels included a mayor of Newark(NJ), politicians, food policy makers and academia.
what I liked about this event was that not only did I learn about the food policies but also panels, especially the mayor and politicians, were really good at public speaking.

They would start talking with an impact phrase like this.

“Although medical skills and technology have been improved, there are lots of diseases that we don’t know how to fix.
However, Hunger and Obesity are solvable problems!!(applause)
What we need is a food policy that makes a change in stead of spending lots of money on military, (pause)
A policy that is ‘Fast, Fresh and Free!!(applause) “

The main purpose of the food policy is to expand affordable green market in lower income community.
[Why important?]
・Economy: Food policy will bring more job markets
・Education: It helps some sick children who cannot go to school because of malnutrition.
・Human rights: It supports and empower low income families

[Some challenges]
・Evaluation: Multiple data source needed because it’s hard to see the change in behaviors
・No model: there is no one-size-fit-all approach

[3 important factors]
1. Access to good and affordable foods
2. Relevancy for sustainability (motivation and effort among both consumers and suppliers)
3. Skills (knowing how to bring foods to the table)

It sounds familiar, right? (This is indeed true of education, too. )
The lesson that I learned was as fallows:

We tend to care about outside (appearance), not what’s going on inside of our body. If we don’t take care of ourselves, nobody else will do it. we have to change what we are doing (make an effort) to make a change

It’s been 3 weeks since I started taking juice(veg and fruits). Although I lost 4 kg, I stay energetic. Let’s see what kind of change I can make.

Surprisingly, when I looked around in the event, there were less than 10% of male audiences (1 man per more than 10 women).
Do men care less about nutrition than women?

Secret of Dip


What’s the difference between good dip and bad dip?

Have you ever made dip?
It goes well with chips, bread and so on.

There are all the ingredients, but something is different.
Yes, what makes it good dip is a secret thing.

When I was a chef, I became in charge of dip for course menu for 1 year. After many trials and errors, I realized one secret.
What is the secret?


What? just a salt? You may think. Even if the dip per se has a taste, when you eat with bread or chips, which normally have little taste, the taste of dip will desappear. Therefore, the dip must be pretty salty.

Dips can hardly become a main role.
Then, why not trying to become a great supporting role??

As mentioned the last time, I will introduce how to make guacamole. I made it at a restaurant and home parties, some said
” I want to eat that Guacamole again.”
The ingredients for today’s Guacamole (it may change) are as follows

・Lemon(or lime)

Garlic? You may think. But if you use one technique, that will turn so tasty.
The technique is,,,,
to boil.

[How to make boiled garlic]
1. Put garlic and cold water into a pot
2. Turn on the stove, throw the water away
3. Repeat 1 & 2 three times.
Then bad smell of garlic will desappear and only the good taste will be left.
This technique can be used not only for Guacamole but also for salad dressing.
Then cut the ingredients and mix them up.

It goes well with beer.

Dips can hardly become a main role.
Then, why not trying to become a great supporting role??
Don’t forget the salt level.

Trap of Diet

“Can I have diet coke?”

This choice always satisfied me because I thought at least I cared my diet.
Today’s theme is food and nutrition.

“Hungry for change”, a documentary film on nutrition, made me think that maybe I can enjoy healthy food without sacrificing my desire to eat.

According to this movie, we are eaten by by modern diet mechanism.
Most of us know that eating healthy is very important. But we don’t do it because we are trapped in the mechanism.

In summary, the problems of modern diet are in:
(1)Sugar ( average person in the U.S. has 22 tea spoons of sugar a day)
(2)Fat-free products or diet soda (It contains chemicals which induce you to eat more)
(3)Man-made products (breads and other chemical in foods)

(1)Eat less man-made food because they shrink your cells and cells don’t get full. Therefore they want more unconsciously.
(2)Eat more farm-based food.
(3)Clean your body by detoxification (eating green salads and juicing are good ways to start)
Trailer of “Hungry for Change”

If you can eat good food, the food will say “now you are on board, let us shine you”
Side effects of cleaning are reducing weight, shine eyes, and cleaning skin!

I started juicing! Let’s see how it works!

All you have to do is put ingredients in a mixer!!

It’s so sweet and delicious without sugar!

It seems that cilantro and avocado can also clean your body. Therefore, I will introduce how to make guacamole in the next blog.


Renovation of the history

The chef work has finished today. 

For the last 3 years, I did all my best starting from learning how to grab a knife to developing my own small dishes of course through many people’s help. The more I learned, the more I realized the depth of culinary art. It is my another dream to have a small restaurant when I retire so that I will improve my skills and develop more dishes at home.

My next career goal is educational development in developing countries. Actually, it was the kitchen experience which inspired me to go for the path.

I’ll do what I want anyway. Because I’m alive and my life is given.

Life is short so it is really fortunate to have something what I want. I just need to go for it.

Keep runnnig.


Thanksgiving day

November 3rd Thursday!

Thaks giviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

My friend invited me to his house party.

But i got there earlier than other people to do the prep
[What am I doing on my day off??] I asked myself but anyway I like making something so no problem!!

The origin of Thanksgiving…….there are several opnions,,,,but I personaly enjoy celebrate anything ,,,so OK!!

Of course never forget sprits of exploration of the history!

While my friend were making turkey and so on,
I made three dishes,
≪NY salada≫

≪Chinese NY pasta≫

≪NY pumpkin pie≫

I just made up the names.