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Mongolian Movie Theater

One thing I was not expecting to do in Mongolia was to go to a movie theater that frequently. For the last three months in my stay, I have been there 8 times so far, which means every 2 week! This must be the most frequent pace in my movie life. So today, let me share my experience on Mongolian movie theater.
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The joy of seeing colors

Last Sunday, I joined a marathon. But it was not just a regular one as other big cities usually offer: it was a Grassland Marathon which I think is very unique to Mongolia (and the 1st prize is a horse!).

It was indeed a nice experience, especially as a person who lives in a city, appreciation for seeing colored nature (mainly green) was beyond words.

Speaking of appreciation of seeing color, there is other point of view in relation to those who have color blindness, and I just came across a wonderful technology which can fundamentally change the world of color blind people.

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Mongolian National FestivalーNaadam


Wrestling, Archery, Horce Racing and Knuckle-Bone Shooting! You can see them all in one Fiesta!

It’s been almost 2 months since I came to Mongolia, and I figured that I haven’t written something related to Mongolia. And I am glad the I will make a debut with this topic, Mongolian National Holiday, Naadam!

From last weekend, the whole country was shaking. Just like New Year in Japan, Thanks Giving in the U.S., Festival de 18 in Chile, this Naadam in Mongolia is a bid deal (anniversary for the revolution). Since many people who I met recommended to see the opening ceremony, I was pretty eager to get the ticket. And thanks to my friend, this competitive ticket came in my hand!
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Finding by Watching Copa America Online

Things are constantly changing: nature, trend, technology, your thought and body function (even at the cell level). Despite this, it is pretty rare that you realize that something has changed definitely, isn’t it? When do you feel it?

In my case, I realize change when I figure that I no longer can do something I could, rather than the other way around (because when you learn something, it is hard to see the difference). In other words, changes are noticeable when you lose something instead of gaining.

Since I moved to Mongolia, there were many changes, but today, I realized that I am indeed in Mongoliabecause I no longer have access to most of live stream channels (watching love TV online) due to where I am!!
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