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No music BUT with life

2 weeks ago,

there was a party held by Japanese author “Ayumu Takahashi”
Since I had not had free-drink (you pay in advance and drenk as much as you want), I drank so much, and I got drunk, and then on my way home, I fell asleep on Wiliamsburg bridge!!

As a result,,,,, my precious i-pod was gone.

But i was lucky to still have life.

In general, No music No life,,,,,,
but at this time
No music but with Life

I miss Music, but if you are alive, you can do anything.

The photo is Picaso’s drawing. I really admire him for having changed the notion of “normal” back then.

In order not to repeat the same mistake, I decided to post this issue.

2days off

[Central Park in fall]

2days off after non stop 8 days working!

I went to so many places, by bike

●Japanese restaurant in Brooklyn where Japanese bosanova live was going on
●My favourite house music night club, “Sapphire Lounge”
●To central park to see colered leaves
●Next to that, Metropolitan museum
●The musical from Japan “Talk like Singing” By Koki Mitani
●on my way home, I went to chinese restaurant “Joe’s shanghai ” to eat chinese dumpling

So many arts made me think about many things, but anyway whatever impresses people is artistic and wonerful.

I really appreciated the person who invented bike.