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Why Red, Yellow and Green ?

Do you like to see the tinted autumnal leaves?

I love it, and I don’t mind taking long night bus, walking a lot and/or climbing mountains to capture beautiful colors in my eyes.

Thinking about why I like those color changes, I think it’s because I like 3 color combinations Red  Yellow and Green (hereafter referred as RYG), which I tend to use for designing my blog entry and work-related things. Those RYG colors can be seen not only in color change of leaves in the fall, but also in Rasta color and Trafic lights.

Then I started thinking if there was any secret behind this color combination, and I started learning about several different things: (1) Color system, (2) Meaning of Rasta color, (3) Origin of traffic lights as well as (4) Concept of colors in Japan.

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10 Reasons to Learn Other Languages

English, Español, Français, 日本語

One of my “To do list in my life” includes “Mastering 5 languages I selected”.

This week, I did a brainstorming on what language I would like to learn next. Although I have a lot to improve with my French, Spanish, English (and even my native language Japanese), I thought it would be a good time to try new one to reach that goal.

After checking several articles and asking myself over and over, I came to think that Chinese Mandarin might be the next one. This time, however, I will not write about how I decided it. Instead, I would like to write about other essential question I kept asking to myself:
Why do I learn other languages? 

And Below are 10 reasons to that question (in my case, but applicable to many others).

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2 Types of Know

As I wrote in the last entry, some of my resolutions for this year are to meet people and improve language skills.

To put them in practice, last week I joined a language meet up group (Spanish/English learning group) for the first time. There were more than 30 people (at a small bar!) and the organizer told me that most of them are native speaker of English or Spanish (Viva minority!). And there was a guy from the U.S. who said something interesting:

“I don’t know how to differentiate 2 types of ‘to know’ in Spanish.”
Then Chilean people had a difficulty in explaining the difference of 2 words “Saber” y “Conocer”, which are both translated as “to know” in English. As a non-native speaker of those 2 languages, I thought this conversation was pretty interesting.

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