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Mongolia 1ーWhy Mongolia

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Update: This post is the Mongolian series. Please check part 2part 3.  part 4, and part 5

The time of transition has come.

That’s why I decided to write a series of post about Mongolia, the country I lived for around 3 years.

In this series, I will write about many things such as context of countryside, city and suburban area, culture and people I met as well as my reflection on those, etc.

But firstly, I would like to address the answer to the following question I tend to receive from many people:

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Quick Guide to pass DALF C1

While suffering in an extremely cold weather in Mongolia (already minus 10℃ since October), there came very hot news to me: I passed another French test!

As I mentioned in the previous entry “Guide to pass DELF B1 and B2 at the same time“, this June I passed 2 French test “DELF” (both B1 and B2 level, third and fourth out of six level). 5 months later, there came another opportunity for even more challenging one: DALF level C1, fifth level. First I was going to skip this, given that B2 in June was quaite difficult and that, besides daily reading and listening routine, I had not had much time to work on French since then.

But as I reminded myself in the previous post “How to Keep Motivating Yourself“, I thought registering for more challenging level will push me to work harder, no matter how short time I had for preparation. So this time, my objective was working harder instead of passing the exam. And voila!, not only did I try to find time to study and learned some, I could also pass it. In this entry, I would like to write briefly about this.

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A happy new year 2018

Happy new year 2018!

I drew above hoping that your 2018 will be the year of “efforts” (dog’s symbol) as is said in Japanese “努力  (Doryoku)”, of course by taking care of mental and physical well-being!

P.S.: if you can see this dog as 2018, one of my objectives of year 2017 (draw something easy and understandable) was somehow metJ

International aid day and personal interview

Did you know that the October 6th was International Aid day?

I didn’t know about it, although I am working in this field. Actually there are too many “international day of XXX”.

However, this year, an article about my interview was published on that day through Japanese job search magazine “My Navi”, titled《What we can do now for the world

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3rd Steppe marathon in Mongolia

One of the unique things in Mongolia is the Steppe Marathon.

This month, I participated this marathons for the third time, and what makes it special are awards (horse and sheep), fresh air, eternal blue sky and green land.

Previously, I wrote about marathon several time since it teaches us various lessons.

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