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3 Reasons to travel by yourself

It feels good to be back.

Every time I get back from travelling, I have a sense that time had passed more than it did. It’s been more than 10 years since I started travelling by myself. When I went outside of Japan for the first time, I met a old woman in Northern Thailand who said something which really got me thinking:

If I am comfortable with my life, why do I want to travel (leave the place)?

Given that human beings have instincts to make a life easier and safer, what she said totally makes sense. But at least from my experience, there are 3 main reasons to get out of your comfort zone to travel alone over with someone else: learning life skills, having a flexibility and meeting new people.

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The Adventures of Evito in Bolivia

While everyone talks about the crying of Japanese politician, there is other type of political strategy on the other side of the earth, Bolivia.

About three months to the presidential elections in Bolivia, the current president Evo Morales did something interesting to prepare (?) the victory of his third term in power: giving a book about his infancy to school kids on the Day of Children – April 12 (According to the Chilean Newspaper “El Mercurio”)

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Plan B

“We do not need U.S. support”

The president of Bolivia formally announced recently.

Then the programs of USAID(United States Agency for International Development) were canceled–both the ones which have been implemented and others which were planned to be implemented in this country.
That is, Bolivia does not want US intervention although this decision will affect many population and financing in Bolivia.
For example, closing “ProSalud” mission on health issue, will lay off 150 employees and affect thousands of people who would have benefit from this.
One of the reasons why they do not like U.S. interventions in Latin America are because of historical problems(e.g., U.S. supported many dictators.)
The link in regard to this issue is here

For me, this issue reminds me of the situation of UNESCO, the organization that allowed the Palestinian membership two years ago, which resulted in the cancellation of US fund (the country that funded the most part of UNESCO fund-22%)
The loss of U.S. financial support UNESCO greatly affected both on the continuation of the projects and on contract of employees.

While I thought it was very brave decision against U.S. to make the world more just, UNESCO had no plan B to replace the financial hole.

After closing the U.S. intervention in Bolivia, I hope they have plan B so that people do not suffer as happened in UNESCO. As far as I looked at the news, there seems no plan B given that they are looking for alternative resource.

I think the most important thing is that people in the country, and it is ideal that we do not have to think much about political or religious issues for development.