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Job application is same as show performance

Ladies and gentlemen, tonight, I would like to show a great performance…

Here is a resume of Mr. applicant!!

The job application has something in common with other performances ranging from academic ones such as grant writing or presentation to artistic ones such as show performance or music concert. Those who present themselves well enough to attract audiences (recruiter, readers, listener, etc.) will win in the end.

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A sport unites a nation

Can you imagine that a sport can unite a nation?

The other day, I wrote about some quotes of Nelson Mandela, ex-South African president who passed away recently. To be honest, however, I had little knowledge about him so I started to search materials on him. Voilà! I found a movie called “Invictus”.

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If you are serious about it…

Nov 9 (Sat), I went to a international bazaar.
This annual event is organized by spouses of diplomats in Chile.
Being exposed to goods, cloths, foods, drinks, dance and music of many countries I have never been to, I was so excited.
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Human Rights or Practice-Inclusion

Inclusion is a hot topic for the post 2015. 

 New York, 3 October 2013 – The inclusion of the rights of persons with disabilities in the Post-2015 Development Agenda was debated at the highest level of government during the opening of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly a week before. It is the first time in UN history that the rights of persons with disabilities have been discussed within the framework of the UN political agenda.  Continue reading