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If you head north, you will hit the dry land and the desert. When you turn around and go all the way to the south, you will see glaciers. On the east side, you can always see Andean cordillera (unless theere is a smog especially in capital). Oh don’t forget that if you drive a few hours to the west, you will encounter Pacific Ocean and you can fly to some islands.

Everything mentioned here is what you can see in a single country, Chile, so that which direction you go really matters.

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The incredible moment

That’s crazy!

We sometimes come across an incredible moment in daily life, don’t we?

Some say everything has a meaning and others say life is full of coincidences.
Most of the times, I agree with the latter, but I personally take a position of in between, because sometimes something unbelievable happens, and let me share one story that happened to me 5 years ago and 3 days ago.

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