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Good crime

Do you believe in good crime?

Today, an impressive Chilean news came out, which made me want to write this.

It’s about Papa Frita (French Fry in Spanish).

Papa frita? Yes, Chilean people consume it so much. But what I refer to is something else, more accurately someone else, a hero who calls himself “papa frita”. In short, he did something against the law but something very remarkable to help people.

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That’s what I am talking about!!

Today in Syria, XXX persons died for YYY.

The Syrian case has been controversial for so long that we tend to get used to this kind of news, which is the sad but it might be the nature of natural/artificial disaster. Last time I talked about the security, and I think that Syria is no doubt one of the most insecure countries right now. 

This is one of the on-going Arab spring cases. On the other hand, there are some countries in which a revolution was “supposedly” over, like Tunisia, the country which initiated the civil movements.

Wondering how it’s like in Tunisia now, I came across a NY Times’ article “Tunisian B-Boys’ Biggest Battle: Keeping Youths From Extremism“.

(Photo: New York Times)
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