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Connecting the dots

I assume that many people would have something in common with my experiences I would mention below:

  • I still remember this beautiful round shaped computer, which changed my notion of computer and made me want to buy one.

  • I also recall the huge excitement when I grabbed my first ipod, which definitely enriched my music and dance life.
  • Thanks to the digital documents of my ipad, I didn’t have to carry all the reading assignment physically for my Master’s study, which enabled me to read anywhere I went.
  • Nowadays I no longer carry digital camera when I travel because I am pretty satisfied with the camera quality of my i-phone, which always stay in my pocket to be used as a phone, music player, dictionary, etc.
  • Pixar’s movies made me start thinking that animation is no longer for kids (“Finding Nemo” and “Toy Story 3” are still one of my favorite movies.)

Those experiences all made sense to me after finishing a best seller book called “Steve Jobs” (Walter Isaacson, 2011), a biography of ex-CEO of 2 big companies (Apple and Pixar).

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