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5 Reasons to Host in Couchsurfing

2016_08_7 Couch Surfing

Long time ago, I wrote about CouchSurfing (hereafter CS) through an article “save money when traveling”. The CS consists of 2 parts: hosts who are open to having a guest, and guests who request to at host’s place, and it’s free. There is a reference section from both side, which keeps accountability (if you do something bad, you will be out from CS)

In the above mentioned entry, I mainly talked about being a guest of CS. This time, I would like to talk about the other side of this system: host side.

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2 Types of Know

As I wrote in the last entry, some of my resolutions for this year are to meet people and improve language skills.

To put them in practice, last week I joined a language meet up group (Spanish/English learning group) for the first time. There were more than 30 people (at a small bar!) and the organizer told me that most of them are native speaker of English or Spanish (Viva minority!). And there was a guy from the U.S. who said something interesting:

“I don’t know how to differentiate 2 types of ‘to know’ in Spanish.”
Then Chilean people had a difficulty in explaining the difference of 2 words “Saber” y “Conocer”, which are both translated as “to know” in English. As a non-native speaker of those 2 languages, I thought this conversation was pretty interesting.

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Just eat octupus or learn the language !

Finally, I made my debut as an actor in Chile!!


This is a comedy video made by Wokitoki (Chilean institution which creates funny video weekly) to advertise a language institution “Education First” and to be honest, I was just asked to help a small part of this video.

Please watch out 3:40 when I appear.

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