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What is wrong with being childish

2016_6_22 Childish

“You’d better stop being childish, you are an adult.” This is what I heard sometimes after in my late 20s. Let’s go back a liitle bit.

“Don’t be so childish, you will be an adult.” This is what I used to hear in my teens. Going back ever further?

“You are still a child, so it’s too early for you.” When I was around 6-8 years old, this was what adults told be when I said I wanted to do something like elder people.

Einstein said “Every child is born a genius.” Also, we all know that children learn things (e.g. languages) very quickly. They challenge, try, don’t be afraid of making mistakes. So, being childish doesn’t seem to be bad at all.  Continue reading

Limitness in a healthy life

2016_01_24 What to do with healthy life

Most people, if not everyone, want to live healthy. In terms of HOW to be healthy, I believe 3E (Eat, Exercise and Energize well) is the key as mentioned in the previous post.

But this, time I would like to talk about WHAT we can do with a healthy life.
I am in my thirties, and let’s assume I can stay healthy for 60 more years (till 90s), then I could do many things! But is that really true?
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