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5 Unusual Ways to Improve Communication Skill


You see and hear this word in many cases, be it classroom, presentation, job requirement or relationship: communication skill.

Some people are good at it and others are not. But what is it anyway and how can we improve it? Let me introduce some unusual ways that I think can improve communication skills. Since I am not even a specialist or anything, it will be a good reminder for me as well.

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Antenna and JR pass


Opportunity opens up your antenna, which enables you to find something attractive.

To take an example of shopping, when you have no idea of what you want, it’s hard to find something attractive, whereas when you know what you want, it’s easier to find it in a store.
It’s because your antenna is wide open for finding that specific thing.

For me, it was Japan toward which I opened my antenna. When I was in Japan, I had little interest in touristic places in my country. But since I started living abroad, I became aware of being Japanese, which opened my mind to my own country. And every time I return, I decided to visit specific places I’d never been. And the more I travel, the more I realize that there are such a many great places that I never get bored of traveling.

But of course, traveling in Japan is not cheap, and I usually don’t have so much time when I return. This time, I spent only 1 week in Japan as a transit from Chile to Mongolia, but I could visit quite many places. And that was JR pass which made my journey possible.
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What you can do in 3 minutes

When I was a child, I wanted to be a Ultlaman Seven (Japanese super hero who can convert into a big powerful man for 3 minutes)
3 minutes can change your mind.
3 minutes video to grasp current situation of education development

57 million children out of school

3 minutes video on Rights of Children
What are child rights?

Like the kid in this video says, I think the feeling of “That’s not fair” is the key to make us want to change. I want to contribute myself to development to make the world more just.

3 minutes can blow your mind. I want to make this kind of 3 minutes video to make a change like Ultraman did to me.

What can we do in 3 minutes?