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Trap of Diet

“Can I have diet coke?”

This choice always satisfied me because I thought at least I cared my diet.
Today’s theme is food and nutrition.

“Hungry for change”, a documentary film on nutrition, made me think that maybe I can enjoy healthy food without sacrificing my desire to eat.

According to this movie, we are eaten by by modern diet mechanism.
Most of us know that eating healthy is very important. But we don’t do it because we are trapped in the mechanism.

In summary, the problems of modern diet are in:
(1)Sugar ( average person in the U.S. has 22 tea spoons of sugar a day)
(2)Fat-free products or diet soda (It contains chemicals which induce you to eat more)
(3)Man-made products (breads and other chemical in foods)

(1)Eat less man-made food because they shrink your cells and cells don’t get full. Therefore they want more unconsciously.
(2)Eat more farm-based food.
(3)Clean your body by detoxification (eating green salads and juicing are good ways to start)
Trailer of “Hungry for Change”

If you can eat good food, the food will say “now you are on board, let us shine you”
Side effects of cleaning are reducing weight, shine eyes, and cleaning skin!

I started juicing! Let’s see how it works!

All you have to do is put ingredients in a mixer!!

It’s so sweet and delicious without sugar!

It seems that cilantro and avocado can also clean your body. Therefore, I will introduce how to make guacamole in the next blog.


The door opened

(photo: from the movie “Nostalgia de la luz”)
Had I not been in Chile, I couldn’t have had such an exciting moment.

Yesterday, I went to see a film festival of Patricia Guzman, who I think is one of the most well-known documentary film directors on Chilean human rights issues.

As far as I know, Patricio great guy has been fighting for his faith, his country and for the world.

Luckly, I found out that during my stay in Chile, there would be his film festival and only on the first day Patricio will be coming for Q&A. Being excited to see him, I went to see the venue.

When I arrived the place, it was closed because it was full.

15 minutes have passed and people started leaving. Wondering if I should leave or stay more, I saw someone coming from inside, who asked the doorman to open the door.

I didn’t understand what was going on and wondered who this nice person was, but at the first glance, I immediately figured who he was.

It was Patricio himself.

Patricia, you opened my door.


I saw a movie “Conviction”

I fell in love at the first sight of trailar.

I wasn’t wrong.
Based upon a true story of love and sacrifice : little sister spent 18 years journey of becoming a lawyer to set his big brother free out of innocent.
Compared to this, the grad school I’m going is way easier, I guess.

I do my best

Trailer: Conviction

Movie Break

These days, I often watch movies.

I also saw two today. Pirates of Caribbean and 127hours

The latter was incredible.

We human beings, are tiny existence compared to the great nature.


I haven’t been to movie theatre for long time.

Today, I went to see movies in Times Square which is the center of the biggest city Manhattan.

To tell the truth, you can see several movies with just one ticket in NY. That is a secret.

Today, I watched “The Road ” and “The Bad Lieutenant”

Each movie was totally different, but I could see something deep inside of human beings from the both.

I think we, human beings all have beautifull parts and terribliy ugly parts.