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Resolutions VS Habits

One sixth of 2015 has gone. That means only 5 out of 6 pieces are left (or some positive thinkers would take it as “there are still 5 pieces left”). How were your first 2 months for you?

Personally, I have to warn myself with regard to some of the resolutions I haven’t worked on well to date (like “learn to code”), because the starting point is the most motivated moment so it is hard to accelerate later on (just like running a race); and, going through a sixth of the path is enough to preview what will happen in the rest of the year, unless I change my habit to reach the resolutions. And obviously I am not alone.

According to research from the University of Scranton, nearly 5 out of 10 people make new year’s resolutions, and 4 out of 10 people give up on their resolutions before February, much more will fall along the way.

The point of this entry is to understand the mechanism of the habit to make your set goal come true.
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