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Presentation, Zen and Jazz

In my previous post in which I talked about the principales of the presentationーPIAPA, I said it was mainly based on my experience of performance, education, job, etc. But I realized later that I was actually influenced by my entire life experience, what I saw, heard, read, you name it.

And the first book which came to mind in this regard was “Presentation Zen: Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery” by Garr Reynolds (2011).

This great book shows us that the good presentation is tied to the concept of Zen (Buddhism) as well as Jazz music. As I am interested in three of them, this book was quite striking, and I think some people might feel that way, so I will share in this post.
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5 Tips for presentationーPIAPA

What do you think about when you hear the word, “Presentation”? Nowadays, we have many opportunities to present things. In short, presentation is to explain your products (be it tangible or intangible) and it could be through PowerPoint, arts, joke, foods, idea, etc.
From my artistic, educational, academic and professional experience,I came to understand that there are 5 common things which make good or bad presentation (from my perspective), about which I will talk in this entry.
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Different style


Everybody has different personality. So is the way of presentation.

TED talk can always teach me many things.
Let me introduce 3 different styles of presentation which caught my interest.

(1). Seventeen minutes can change your feeling
Funny, dynamic, simple but so striking talk about change in Education.
“We should refuse to let students fail!”
The link is here

(2). Innovative way of presentation
There are not so much message in this but the way to present with piano is so intriguing.
The link is here

(3). Traditional way can still win.
On the contrary, one can entertain and at the same time address important message to audiences by just talking- traditional way of presentation.
Ken Robinson, a famous TED talker, didn’t even use gesture nor walk around the audience. Especially the last 3 minutes, the part of death valley, is breath-taking moment.
The link is here

I wish I had skills like them to attract people.
But as I said in the beginning, everybody has a different style of presentation.
We just need to elaborate it by learning from others.

Quiz with multiple colores

Fortunately, on the occasion of an joint event with other UN organizations, I had a chance to implement 1 hour long presentation in front of 800 students as UNESCO’s intern

The result was….success!


It was an international environment day, and the objective was to deliver an message to care environment. The venue is small gym with 800 GIRLS so that there would not be so much movement. The task given to me by other UN persons was

“Doing something dynamic”

Wow….although it sounded so challenging, I wanted to do it and decided to do something like

“Quiz with multiple colors”

First of all, I had distributed 3 papers with different color

As a preparation for myself, I made a PowerPoint document with quiz on the environment. I tried to not focus on Macro to Micro approach telling about global warming, but on something common to everyday life such as shower water or supermarket plastic bag, etc.

Each question has 3 choices and students will chose which color paper to chose (raising red one if answer is A, blue if B, G if C)

800 persons raise different color paper so that I thought it should be beautiful.

In the presentation, I used all the technique based on my experience of teacher, actor and dancer.

What was important was not to finish just with joy but also with learning, having them think and discuss what each of us can do for the issues.

Me: “Regarding what you are thinking and discussing about, when will we start? Tomorrow? Next week? Next year?”

800 students ” Nooooo”

Everyone: “Ahoraaaaa (Now)!”

It was a great experience and I learned a lot through it.

The photo of the presentation of “Quiz with multiple colors”

International environmental day

Wine! Seafood! party! and hangover!!!

It’s been 3 weeks since I got Santiago Chile. I’m doing internship in UNESCO-Chile office.
I haven’t updated my blog. For what am I writing this? There is no answer to that question yet.

Speaking of an answer, I’m going to do “quiz with colors”

Q: What is that?
A. quiz about color
B. quiz which has three colored answers
C. quiz to look for hidden color

Yes, this is for tomorrow, July 5th-“international environmental day”, which I wouldn’t have known had I not got involved with this internship, let alone thinking about environment seriously.

The quiz is for 800 girls, and this activity is supposed to be creative, which I believe is.
Let’s see if I can contribute myself to saving environment.

The detail will be discovered in the next blog.