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Just eat octupus or learn the language !

Finally, I made my debut as an actor in Chile!!


This is a comedy video made by Wokitoki (Chilean institution which creates funny video weekly) to advertise a language institution “Education First” and to be honest, I was just asked to help a small part of this video.

Please watch out 3:40 when I appear.

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Job application is same as show performance

Ladies and gentlemen, tonight, I would like to show a great performance…

Here is a resume of Mr. applicant!!

The job application has something in common with other performances ranging from academic ones such as grant writing or presentation to artistic ones such as show performance or music concert. Those who present themselves well enough to attract audiences (recruiter, readers, listener, etc.) will win in the end.

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How to develop a new skill

How long does it take to lean something?
Several theories say that you need at least 10,000 hours to be an expert on that area, languages, playing instruments, cooking, whatever that is (if you learn for 1 hour/day, it takes more than 27 years…).

But for those who you don’t need to be an expert or can’t spend so much time, but still want to learn new skills, Josh Kaufman suggests that we need just 20 hours to learn. Continue reading