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If you love your kids, let them travel

In Japan, there is a proverb that says “If you love your kids,let them travel” (English counterpart could be”Spare the rod and spoil the child“). It is so true that the more you travel, the more you learn something by seeing new people and culture (the difference) that you don’t get to see in your daily life.

For my work, I have many opportunities to travel all around Chile, and today I would like to share 3 families which caught my attention in 8th region of Chile for the last 3 days, relating them to the theme “”How to raise your kids“.

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The incredible moment

That’s crazy!

We sometimes come across an incredible moment in daily life, don’t we?

Some say everything has a meaning and others say life is full of coincidences.
Most of the times, I agree with the latter, but I personally take a position of in between, because sometimes something unbelievable happens, and let me share one story that happened to me 5 years ago and 3 days ago.

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Territory made up by humans

Since the issue of Crimea is getting more intense given that Russia might absorb it as a part of the country, I came to think how vague the notion of the border is. It is made up by human beings, especially those with forces (winner of war)

For the last couple of days, I also had several occasions to think about what the border and territory are.
Yes, I went to Patagonia, very south of the earth.
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Trip during the tirp

(Foto: Valle de Elqui, Chile)

(Foto: Punta de Choro, Chike)

Since this Monday was a holiday, I traveled to La Serena(North of Santiago) to utilize my 3days off.

What I re-made sure are:
●I prefer Mountain to Sea
●The probability of knowing people 100%
●The probability of gaining weight in trip… high!!

UN intern (2)

(photo:Giant turtle in Galapagos)

I mentioned (really) briefly about how I got accepted.

Since then, the process was really slow, as many UN workers’ blogs had said so.
(1) I applied online
(2) I got accepted
(3) submitting health certificate
(4) I received TOR(job description)
(5) Sign

What surprised me was that the process from (3) to (4) took 4 months. That is, I had been waiting for 4 months without knowing what I would do in my internship.

Patience….that’s what is needed for international organization.

The photo I put above is giant turtle in Galapagos island, Ecuador. To my surprise, he has lived more than 150 years.

Those with patience will stay strong…?