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Mauritania 4ーHow Russian World Cup Empowered Japanese in West Africa

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It’s been 12th year since I left Japan, and the more or less I am used to living in other countries.  Having said that, the first 3 months in Mauritania was quite tough (as you can see the detail in the previous blog entries:
Mauritania 1ーLife turning point
Mauritania 2ーRamadan and Life cycle
Mauritania 3ーIs it a private taxi or what

Mauritanie 1, Mauritanie 2, Mauritanie 3 ). Just to show one indicator, within 3 months, I already lost 4 kg and sometimes felt a bit down.

It was the best moment, when worldwide event happened. Ole- Ole- ! Yes, world cup Russia 2018.

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We do not fear the Group of Death

What kind of image occurs in your mind when you think about “Latin America”?

When I was a kid, the only thing I could think of was “a Soccer Continent”.
After knowing some countries in this continent and seeing many Latinos who are enthsiastic about this sport, it turned out to be true. Also it’s worth mentioning that there exist many NGOs linking education and Soccer in this region.

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