10 reasons to use italki to learn languages

These days when I recommend this to others, I say as follows:

you have to talk a lot with this, because there are 2 “i” and 1 “talk”. It is “italki“.

From my observation, I think many people would somehow want to learn other language for different reasons, and this helps us to achieve this. Let me describe what it is, how I used and 10 reasons to use it.

What is italki

Simply put, it is a language learning website with 3 main functions: learn, teach and find a language partner. To start, you need to create profile which can be found very easily by other users. There is also italki money which you spend by learning, and gain by teaching, and that online money can be actually exchanged with real money (e.g. by paypal).

How I used it

Here is the voice from the real user (myself). I first used to find a language exchange partner since I didn’t trust online money very much. I sent offer message to a few people, and found a great partner with whom I still talk on a weekly basis via skype for more than 1 year (30 min French and 30 min Japanese).

Then I became interested in teaching, so I made an introduction video. Immediately after, I started receiving language class requests. I was qualified to teach English, Spanish and Japanese, but most requests were for Japanese lesson. Honestly, Japanese is very popular language, which is unequal because just because I am a native Japanese, I could earn some money by teaching as oppsed to some other non-popular language native speakers.

Lastly, for the French exam, I started taking conversation classes with French native speakers, which helped me to improve a lot. I also learned an important lesson through this experience: being a native doesn’t mean a good teacher, since I met great teachers as well as non-educators (or maybe there were not for me).

Thus, I used all the 3 functions, based on which  I will explain 10 reasons to use italki.

10 reasons to use italki

1. Many options: Unlike other language sites with limited languages option, italki has so many options, so it might be good to stick to this for a long term.

2. Good support system to learn: The support system is so well and transparent for your better learning (e.g. you have to pay if you miss class without any notice)

3. Easy to find and to be found: You can find native speaker of your target language within a few seconds, and check if s/he is good fit for you depending their review and price. Likewise, people can find you very quickly.

4. Trustworthy: Because of a number of users, there are so many reviews and comments which leads to be trustworthy.

5. Earn and Learn: You can earn money at the same time learn things

6. Find language partner: If you are lucky you can find good language partner who is more valuable than a few paid lessons.

7. Proofread: In addition to above-mentioned 3 functions (learn, teach and connect) there is a community page through which you get proofreading from native for free (it will become proofreader’s point so it will be a win-win rerlationship).

8. Motivation: You will see so many motivated people who want to learn, which gives you a sense of motivation.

9. Meet people: Through teaching, learning or finding exchange partner, not only can you do those but also you can meet new people

10. Sense of help: Although you get money by teaching, you feel like helping others by sharing what you have (knowledge of language). I think that’s part of the reason why some people offer their class for such a cheap price.

So in conclusion, there are enough reasons to use italki.

Learning of this time

Through italki, not only can you learn or teach language, you can also get to meet new people, motivate yourself and expand your language world. 


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