3 reasons to move a blog to WordPress

Hi, this is MD.

I moved to WordPress from Japanese blog site “MD NO SUSUME (MDのススメ)” . The main 3 reasons are to (1) have better access, (2) be able to design and (3) learn cording.

  1. Access– since I have been writing my blog in other languages (Japanese, English and Spanish), I wanted to have as many people as possible to read by with easier and better access. Several people told me that it was hard to look up because everything but post title was in Japanese. (In the future I would love to add another language)
  2. Design: I wanted to design my own blog more freely since WordPress has many “plug in” (soft ware to add more functions)
  3. Learning: as this year’s resolutions, I decided to change 5 things, one of which was to learn coding (I am such a novice).

I want to keep my old blog title as “MD NO SUSUME (MDのススメ)” because “Susume” in Japanese has two meanings; “recommendation” and “go forward”
(in Japanese, “NO” is  a possessive word so MD NO SUSUME can be “MD’s recommendation which lead you forward” or something. )

I added tagline (sub title) as “–More Doors to Learning–MD2L” hoping that this blog would be “more opportunities (doors) to leaning” for me and, hopefully, people who read this blog.

I will try my best. Let’s see how it goes. Thanks for your visit.


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