3 Reasons to watch TED

A:Have you seen TED recently?
B: TED? …..Oh yeah, I know! That was a funny movie, right?

A: No, not that TED. I am talking about another TED, the web site of innovative presentations.
B: Oh, sorry. So why do you care about that TED?

A: Well, for me there are 3 reasons to watch TED.
B: 3 reasons? What are these?

A: First, it’s good to learn or brush up English. Also there is subtitle.
B: Ok, that sounds good. I haven’t used English recently so I need to brush up.

A: Second, it shows a variety of topics, ranging from neuroscience to romance, so you can learn many things.
B: Ok, that’s important. I tend to read books of my field so it might be a good opportunities to learn something else. What’s the last one?

A: Well, I think the last one is the most important for me. TED is… TED is fun and interesting! No matter how you can learn English or other topics, it does not matter if it is not  interesting. In this regard, especially, I like TED-ed because it mainly has short animation videos.
B: TED-ed? Sounds great because I like animations, maybe I will check it out. But… where do I start from? Do you have any recommendation?

A: Ok, that’s why I am writing this. Maybe you can start from here: Most popular TED-Ed Lessons of 2013 (staff eddition)
B: Ok, so they are some of the most popular ones, right? Let’s see….. I found some videos which caught my interest.

A: Which ones?
B: Well, I will probably watch

A: I like those too. Please let me know how you liked them next time.

Thank you for your vist.


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