3rd Steppe marathon in Mongolia

One of the unique things in Mongolia is the Steppe Marathon.

This month, I participated this marathons for the third time, and what makes it special are awards (horse and sheep), fresh air, eternal blue sky and green land.

Previously, I wrote about marathon several time since it teaches us various lessons.

What marathon teaches us

Importance of preparation

The longer you run, the more you need to prepare in advance, which is the same thing when you try to achieve something big in your life. So marathon can teach us about this.

Importance of own rhythm

To succeed in marathon, you have to maintain your own rhythm without adjusting to other people. I think this is the key to achieve, be it in work, daily life or having a happiness.

Life is a long journey

The life is pretty long and there will be good and bad things. Although this marathon was very long without much change in the landscape, it allowed me to look at eternal blue sky and green land, which was very nice.


To accomplish something big, you have to suffer in certain degree.

Sense of satisfaction

After the marathon, it gives us a sense of satisfaction, without which it will be difficult to advance in the future/next time.

So these are the 5 lessons from this event off the top of my mind, and it’s quite interesting that I wrote 5 things to learn from running race 3 years ago, and both talks about marathon and 5 things but they are slightly different. So I guess during the journey, I also changed my mind.

In short, this was the 3rd steppe marathon, and I am grateful for this opportunity since I am not sure how many times I can join this kind of event in my life (who knows?).

This time’s learning

Marathon is similar to life, and it can teach us important lessons applicable to your life.


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