40 years later (2)

I was out of Chile for 2 weeks. This is my excuse for not having updated the series (2) and (3).

(1). Dictatorship and Education system
(2). End of dictatorship and the paths that Chile has taken
(3). Current educational challenges and future direction

Today’s topic is about ② divided into three parts: military’s preparation, the steps of the Ministry of Education and people’s memory on the dictatorship.

●Military’s preparation
Although Chilean dictatorship lasted for 17 years (1973-1990), there is no rain that never ceases. Towards the end of it, the military group started preparing elite students for taking over the faith of dictatorship. The students were invited to the prestigious military schools where they were basically manipulated to believe that the military-led government is not a dictatorship but a true democracy. The good example is that students were able to see Pinochet–the dictator at that time–in person. This experience made them believe that “the fact that students can see the presidents in person shows democratic paths of the school.

●Steps of the Ministry of Education
Since the era was not so long ago, the memory on the dictatorship still remains in teachers, parents and policy makers (the military government made a radical reform in education)
In 1996 (after the end of the dictatorship) the Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) included recent history in the curriculum of history education.
In 2006, however, the MINEDUC made a regulation in that teacher have to teach two sides(pro and anti- Pinochet) and NEVER take either side. Although it sounds fair, it remains controversial given that it might deprive teachers of their “freedom of thought, opinion and expression.

●People’s memory on the dictatorship
There are several types of memory on the dictatorship: those who believe that it was the right direction, those who think it was a chaos and those who did(do) not want to get involved. Therefore, up to date, this issue is not a topic that can often be discussed. That is, people are not willing to talk about the issue.

(Pro Pinochet)

(Anti Pinochet)

How to manage what happened in the past is always difficult.
The Oscar nominated movie “NO” shows when the dictatorship ended.

Next topic is about ③Current educational challenges and future direction.


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