All the way value

Since I came all the way from XXX, I feel like doing YYY and ZZZ.

As I mentioned on my last entry “Today is a special day” I think there are many psychological points which can drive us to think and act differently.
I think this “all they way” is one of them, and I will call it “ATW (All The Way) value”.

Well, speaking of which, I had a chance to go back to Japan from Chile this month, and it took me about 36 hours, which was slightly better than the previous one, 56 hour-long flight (I guess after 24 hours or so, it does not make so much difference for me)

It was my second time to return to Japan from Chile, and besides seeing my family, I really wanted to do two things since I came “all the way” from Chile by spending 36 hours. Although I could have done these 2 things easily when I lived in Japan, but I didn’t do so partly because I didn’t have the ATW value.

These two things are: (1) traversing east-west Japan by local train and (2) visiting some temples  I wanted to go.

(1). Local train trip started from Tokyo, then -Osaka-Hiroshima-Hakata-Osaka (back to my hometown).  It took me about 40 hours in total just for train ride. Although it sounds terrible,  considering the ATW value of traveling from Chile to Japan, sitting on Japanese comfortable train seat for 40 hours is not a big deal. Also, in Hakata (Western part of Japan) I did as many things I wanted to do as posible with a help of ATW value.

As a tip for those who want to do slow but cheap train trip in Japan, there is a discount train ticket, called “Seisyun 18 kip” literal translation is “puberty 18 ticket”. This 1 day ticket (× 5 times) allows you to travel anywhere you go, but you can only use local trains. So under the Japanese train fare rule (the farther, the more expensive), you technically get more discount if you go farther. But again, you can only use LOCAL train, as if it were saying “suffer physically to get where you want to go, that’s the virtue of the puberty”.

(2). Well, I visited some temples partly because I was inspired by 2 great persons I admire: Steve Jobs (ex-CEO of Apple) and Osam Tezuka (God of Japanese Comics).
This time I visited Kyoto (30 min train ride from my home town Osaka, so that I did not use puberty 18 kip), and I was amazed to see a couples of temples (and one shrine). Probably I will elaborate on these 2 persons and Kyoto visit on the next entry.

Well, the point is, whatever you do, the process really matters, that’s why we can have a ATW value.
In my case, If that was a travel to Brasil or Peru (where I can go in a few hours from Chile), I wouldn’t have had this ATW value (although I would try to enjoy those countries anyway). I guess those who have experience in traveling long distance (e.g., Asia to South America or vice versa) can share this ATW value with me.

So to be able to apply this concept, we can motivate ourselves. For example:
“I am here for only a short amount of time” so I would do OOO or;
“I can do this until certain period so so I would do OOO”

By shifting the way we think, we can act differently so it’s just as a matter of how we make a value on whatever we do.

All the Way I was born in that place in that era, I will do OOOOO


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