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How to develop a new skill

How long does it take to lean something?
Several theories say that you need at least 10,000 hours to be an expert on that area, languages, playing instruments, cooking, whatever that is (if you learn for 1 hour/day, it takes more than 27 years…).

But for those who you don’t need to be an expert or can’t spend so much time, but still want to learn new skills, Josh Kaufman suggests that we need just 20 hours to learn. Continue reading


A sport unites a nation

Can you imagine that a sport can unite a nation?

The other day, I wrote about some quotes of Nelson Mandela, ex-South African president who passed away recently. To be honest, however, I had little knowledge about him so I started to search materials on him. Voilà! I found a movie called “Invictus”.

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