Baby in a box


Please take a look at that photo.
Bebé durmiendo en una caja
When I saw this photo (a baby in a box) for the first time, I thought it was a type of abuse. But on the contrary, it is for the health and identity.

Finland, whose education system is one of the best in the world, has an interesting health policy.
For the last 75 years, pregnant women in Finland have received a box from the state. It’s like a starter pack with clothes, blankets and toys that in turn can be used as a crib. Many argue that this policy has helped the Nordic country to become one of the nations with the lowest infant mortality rate in the world.

This box contains monkeys, sleeping bags, clothes for outdoor bath products and diapers and a mattress small, just like this

Mothers can choose to take the box or receive cash (about $ 214), but 95% of them choose the box, since its value is much higher.
This tradition was born in 1938, when the Nordic country was very poor and the infant mortality was high, with 65 deaths per 1,000 births. Along with this policy, health system became more centralized which changed the country.
I find it very interesting. In addition, it takes into account the gender issue, because a boy can also pass clothes to a girl and vice versa, as the colors are deliberately neutral.
Also, you can enjoy conversation regarding boxes comparing other years, for example,
“Hey, I was born in 1956, they say the box of that year was the best for 50s,”
“You were born in 76? Me too! I like that doll !!”
Learnign about other culture is quite exicting.

As an another example, traditionally In Guatemala, mothers hold their baby really tight and it is believed to make them feel comfortable.
The source of photo and the article (in Spanish) is here


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