Best countries for fathers

What did you give or get on father’s day?
Having been away from Japan for 6 years, I have sent shirt for my father, aiming at motivating him to go out with that shirt on.
The Best Countries in the World to Be a Father
(1) Norway
First of all, Norway is a perennial favorite in best-country lists – most recently topping the United Nations’ Human Development Index – and it’s just as formidable when it comes to fatherhood. It is also famous for generous parental leave for both sexes – either 46 weeks off at full pay or 56 weeks off at 80 percent of salary (to be divided up between the two parents) — Norway ensures that new fathers take advantage of the opportunity with its policy of pappapermisjon- a 10-week period of leave reserved exclusively for men
90% of Norwegian fathers are now participating in the program, compared with the two to three percent of fathers who were taking parental leave back in the early 1990s, when Norway established its pappapermisjon policy.

(2) Iceland
They have 3-3-3 split (three months for mothers, three for fathers, and three to split between parents), by 2016 Iceland will have adopted a 12-month, 5-5-2 system, in which fathers receive five months of paid parental leave, plus an additional two month to be split as the couple sees fit.

(3) Germany
Like its neighbors to the north, the Father-Friendly Land is no slouch when it comes to parental leave. The government offers 12 months of leave, paid at 67 percent of a parent’s salary, to be split between couples. While there is no leave exclusively reserved for the father, families receive an additional two months of paid leave if the father also takes at least two months off.

In addition to the paternal leave, what makes special to become father in Germany is that they have a huge father’s day party: German men of all ages spend the day hiking through town and country pulling large wagons (Bollerwagen) filled with beer or wine (depending on the region), and consuming their precious cargo in large quantities.
Regardless of the country, each father has unique kid(s) and life.  So is mother.  But still it’s good to be in a country where father’s value is prioritized.
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