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Feel New York in Tokyo

2016_02_14_NY and Tokyo

It’s been awhile since I updated the blog last time, since for the last two weeks, I was back in Japan (@Tokyo for my job and @Osaka for  a bit of vacation).

I am not familiar with Tokyo, and over there, I felt so much about the capital of Japan, as well as New York, one of the most dynamic cities in the world!
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Another Departure


“Welcome to New York !!!!”

With hopes and fears in my mind, I arrived NY alone on Aug 17, 2007
And with hopes and fears in my mind, I will leave this country, today- Apr 5, 2013

Today, I will write about the preparation of departure.
Because I didn’t know what to do first.

【Things to do before your departure】
(1)Get rid of your stuff
(2)Close your accounts
(3)Enjoy the culture of the place
(4)Do what you might not be able to do in new place
(5)Seeing people

(1)Get rid of your stuff
Basically, even though it attracts you, if you can’t carry or you haven’t used in the past, dispose!!
Then I gave, donated and threw away many many stuff.
For those who cannot throw stuff, I would recommend a book called “The Power Of Less”(Lloyd Alter)

(2)Close your accounts
For closing your accounts of cellphone or bank account, it’s better to prepare sooner.

(3)Enjoy the culture of the place
-Wandering around central park by bike
-Guggenheim Museum
-Yoga (It seems Yoga is so hot in NY)
-Broadway theater(Wicket)

(4)Do what you might not be able to do in new place
I went to gym to swim a lot, given that I don’t think I can do that in a new place.

(5)Seeing people
I think this is the most important thing to do.
For the last 2 weeks, I met up with people everyday. Because of the schedule, I couldn’t get to see everybody who I wanted to see. But if there will be an opportunity in the future, I believe I can see them again.

I really appreciate everyone whom I met in NY.

Thank you so much.

I’ve had many memories in these 6 years.

Oh NY, you made me hate you and love you, but I hope to come back when grow up.
I will finish this with a typical phrase that receptionists in NY often use.



Hero and Change

Thanks to my friends and colleagues, I am having many parties recently. I will see as many people as possible in NY.

Yesterday, I saw a wonderful person on my way to my farewell party. Actually, I saw a big statue of Harriet Tubman, a woman who fought for emancipation of slavery around 1850, by using the network of the Underground Railroad.

My favorite line is the following:

The artist(of the statue) has depicted Tubman “not as the conductor of the Underground Railroad but as the train itself, an unstoppable locomotive,” the roots of slavery pulled up in her wake .

-Location: The statue is in the new Harriet Tubman Memorial Plaza, at the intersection of Frederick Douglass Boulevard, St. Nicholas Avenue and 122nd Street.

Related to that, I came across an interesting video clip called “The Other Rosa Parks” (From “Democracy Now”). This tells us that even 100 years after the Harriet’s movement of the Underground Railroad, the freedom of black people’s rights was not fully accomplished.

According to president Obama, the action of Rosa Parks (42 years old then) who refused to give her bus seat to a white person in 1995, was the singular brave act. Rosa Parks was arrested and became a national icon towards the bus boycott along with Martin Luther King Jr who fought against this case.

But apparently it wasn’t a singular act. Rather, the exact same act was done 9 month before Rosa Parks by Claudette Colvin who then was 15 years old. Just like Rosa Parks, Colvin was arrested.
What’s interesting is that the act conducted by 15 year-old girl was not taken seriously whereas the same act of Rosa Park 9 month later kicked off the national movement.

The video’s link is here

It seems that although you can have a hangover with one night’s act (Yes I have now…), making a big change takes long time and efforts.
I will do my best to become a part of a change.


Go or Return

(photo: MOTOKO, cat of my roommates, Kenny and Julia)

I’m exhausted.

I’m here on OPT.
But I didn’t know it would be expired if I didn’t get neither job nor volunteer within 90days after I got OPT.

I thought it would last for a year!
That way more than 180 days had passed since I got OPT. I wouldn’t be able to come back here at least 3 years!!!

I will get through eventually, NO, It’s not that easy. All the more, if I want to stay and exert myself for more years, I have to handle this at all cost!!!
Connection, force of tear, jurisdiction, I have utilized whatever I had! Finally I could make it out!

To convince my school side, I even quoted Mr Luther King’s “I have a dream!” speech.

I was glad to have changed my situation because I could check my status again and have time to solve it.

I AM LEGAL without doubt!


A happy new year(?)

(Photo: TV image of count down @Times squire, NY and Champagne)

A happy new year!



Even though new year starts, nothing won’t change. Calendar was made by human.

Yet, as one point, it would be a good opportunity to set up things again.

By the way, as a custom, people in here tend to kiss with someone next to you at the very moment of the new year. TV was showing that image at Times Squire.

I will fly away this year!!




I haven’t been to movie theatre for long time.

Today, I went to see movies in Times Square which is the center of the biggest city Manhattan.

To tell the truth, you can see several movies with just one ticket in NY. That is a secret.

Today, I watched “The Road ” and “The Bad Lieutenant”

Each movie was totally different, but I could see something deep inside of human beings from the both.

I think we, human beings all have beautifull parts and terribliy ugly parts.


Thanksgiving day

November 3rd Thursday!

Thaks giviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

My friend invited me to his house party.

But i got there earlier than other people to do the prep
[What am I doing on my day off??] I asked myself but anyway I like making something so no problem!!

The origin of Thanksgiving…….there are several opnions,,,,but I personaly enjoy celebrate anything ,,,so OK!!

Of course never forget sprits of exploration of the history!

While my friend were making turkey and so on,
I made three dishes,
≪NY salada≫

≪Chinese NY pasta≫

≪NY pumpkin pie≫

I just made up the names.