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Ferry trip between Finland and Sweden and cost saving tips

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-Nordic countries are very similar?

This was the question I had out of curiosity. To my little knowledge, many people (including myself) have tendency to group nordic countries as rich countries with good social welfare (and high tax rate for that!).

Since I came to live in Denmark, one of the nordic countries, I decided to take this opportunity to travel neighboring countries – Finland and Sweden. In addition, I learned that there is daily ferry to connect those two countries, so gave it a try for the first international ferry experience.

In this entry, I will share some of highlights and learnings in Finland, Sweden and some experience of international Ferry travel and some tips to reduce your travel cost (!)

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Introduction and strong intention of my first published book “How to meet who you want to be”

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My first book will be published on August 9th!

The title is …(quite long…inhaling….)

“How to meet who you want to be ー Messages from someone who jumped into the world ー ”
(Iwanami Books).

Since this is my first published book, let me briefly explain what this is about and my strong intention around the cover page (in Japanese version, I included some hidden stories).

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5 Reasons to watch TED and 10 Recommended TED Talks

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When was the last time you got excited with any story? When was the last time you learned something interesting? Did you know that so many great stories are compiled in one place?

To me, that’s TED talk. I used to watch it occasionally. But in 2021, I decided to take challenge of watching 1 TED per day! And let me share some of the key learnings and my favorite talk in this entry.

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