Things are always subject to change.

20 days have passed since I arrived in Santiago, Chile, and my life has changed more rapidly than I expected.

There was also a big change in one middle school in Toronto, Canada–the change that I really like about.

According to one article (this time is not from NY time given I am no longer a subscriber), Hip Hop education, about which I wrote about, was
incorporated into a literacy class.

Blondon is the facilitator of the Literacy Through Hip Hop (LTHH) program in the district where there are many at-risk youth. He teaches about the history and globalization of hip hop and all its subcultures, including breakdancing, emceeing and graffiti. Similar programs exist throughout the city, but what makes this special is

that it is the only one that aligns with the province’s curriculum.
Yes, the program’s curriculum is customized in accordance to the Ontario Language Curriculum, meaning that policy makers admitted the value of HipHop.

One example of the class is as follows:
“Today’s lesson is about beatboxing and vocal strategies, a method that simultaneously teaches you about vocal range, pitch, tone and sound effects, while also tapping into their love of music.”
Students take turns at the end of the class to record their own mixes with an iPad and an online program

According to him, “What’s most important when dealing with at-risk kids is the ability to listen, above all else, and the ability to encourage. That’s it. That’s the main thing. Listen and if you see a spark of something, encourage it.”
What he advocates is creativity above everything else

I think it can be true too of many other things.

Listen and Encourage.

The link of the article is here:

Things change.
Who could imagine 10 years ago that HipHop would be incorporated into the formal school curriculum?

In my case, my biggest change is that I was hired by UNESCO as a consultant, working in the areas of Inclusion and literacy.

I hope I can be part of a change, no matter how little the change is.

“If you change nothing, nothing will change” This is my favorite phrase.


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