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How do you think about the approach of gender equality?

I came across something striking on today’s NYtimes.
US defense Secretary lifted a ban of sending women to war line made in 1994 (Although they were sent constantly since then) That is, they want more woman soldiers.

It seems the relation between women and US military is so complicated. “The Invisible War”, the documentary movie (oscar nominated) that I have recently seen showed the serious problem that the US military had on woman soldiers.

The data said that over 500,000 people have been sexually assaulted in the military and one thrid of women soldiers were raped. Trying to report the issue with courage will risk your career and reprisal. Although some courageous victims have tried to bring this issue to the court, the military authority have smothered up.
The trailer is here:

I personally don’t support this act unless such a problem will be solved first. Even though giving an equal opportunity is great, it is as if they add fuel to the fire which was not put out yet. Thus, solving this issue should be their priority, or the part 2 will be come out soon.

Besides, the phrase quoted to support this act was Obama’s “Gender equality” mentioned in his second inauguration ceremony.
Irnoically, there are many women who want to participate in military.

It makes no sense that there is no system to protect those courageous women who protect the country.
In the field of the Educational Development, gender issue is so important. Rather than throuwing girls into the school, however, it is crucial to make confortable environment for girls such as safety commuting, girls’ bathrooms or allocation of female teachers.

How do you think about the approach of gender equality?

The article of lifting ban (NYtimes)


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