Cultural Exchange


What is cultural exchange?

-Studying International culture at highschool,
-Starting Travelling to abroad,
-Living in the U.S.,
-Graduated from International Education program,
After all of these, I couldn’t fully understand what it was. I don’t even know many things about my own country’s culture. I might have been intoxicated with the word “Cultural Exchange.”
[Photo: From cultural exchange festival at community college]
Having watched “Hedgehog” (2009), a French movie, I could grasp a piece of the meaning of it. (It is not played in Japan yet)

[Main characters] It takes place in luxuarious apartment in Paris. The main characters are as follows,
1.A female super who has been too focused on reading to go out for 27 years
2.A girl who plans to commit suicide on the eve of her 12th birthday
3.A japanese guy who moved in the apartment and speaks French fluently
4.A goldfish living in the bottle

Becoming interested in other culture, trying to accepting it, and sharing your own culture.
I guess that’s the piece of cultural exchange.
Trailer: “Hedgehog”

I was so motivated to watch a Japanese actor who speaks fluent French.

The line which inspired me: “All happy family are alike, but every unhappy family is in its own way.

It’s not that easy to exchange cultures.


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