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In any field of educational development, the data are very important to grasp a picture of that field. (What is important is not to depend too much on it since sometimes it won´t show what is actually going on in detail.)
The data can be used for daily life.

Recently, I am collecting data for something very important.
Project of Nutrition in Santiago (PNS)
-When: every weekend
-Where: La vega (market in Santiago de Chile)
-Activity: Collecting the data and buy fruits and vegetables
-Budget: 20,000 Chilean peso (approx. US 40$)
-General objective: Enjoy the life
-Specific objectives: Know the average price of the products/ buy high quality foods cheaply/ enjoy shopping
An example list is the following (by kilo/unit):
Brucella sprout 1000
Onion 500
Cilantro 100
Clementina 800
Strawberry 700
Apple 500
Honey 2150
Orange 400
Nuts 2000
Avocado 1300
Potato 350
Pickles 600
Pine 1000
Banana 500
Tomato 600
Grape 600
Total 15100 (approx. US 30$)
Bueno! (good)
Bonito! (cute)
Barato! (cheap)
The photos of la vega:


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