Develop Creativity with your own Drawing

1 image can worth more than 1,000 words.

Especially someone with right-brain mindset like me, having image is very important for my blog, work and others. Also, I wanted to develop my creativity since without practice, your creativity will just ebb, and I did not want to let that happen. Last year, thanks to one tool, there was a great encounter between both needs: growing my creativity with my own drawing.

That tool is called “Drawing pad” which serves as drawing mouse to connect with computer (but instead of mouse, you use digital pen to draw on the pad, and your drawing appear in the  screen.

Let’s see the comparison. First, I started using Microsoft Word line (there is the handwriting function, but it’s a bit difficult), which looks like below. This took me about 10 minutes.

And after using that tool, my drawing became faster, easier and better, which looks like this (it took me about 2 minutes).

When I found about this tool, I jumped into searching different types of drawing pad and to my surprise, they are all expensive! Since I just wanted to give a try, I bought the cheapest but still the one with good reputation: Wacom Intuos

The way it works is very easy: just connect with USB cable and draw with default program “ArtRage Light” (below is the top image of this entry).

I have been drawing for the last couple of months with it, and so far it is very enjoyable. If you have noticed the difference in my blog entry’s image (Word handwriting vs. Drawing pad) as shown above, that would be very appreciated.

I also made a profile photo with this pad.

In addition to my blog entry image and profile, I am also working on my drawing book projects which I will mention more when it’s ready. But by the time, I will just keep playing with it.

This time, I learned that
We live in the world where there are many convinent tools including drawing pad, with which you can develop your creativity and express your image.

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