Different style


Everybody has different personality. So is the way of presentation.

TED talk can always teach me many things.
Let me introduce 3 different styles of presentation which caught my interest.

(1). Seventeen minutes can change your feeling
Funny, dynamic, simple but so striking talk about change in Education.
“We should refuse to let students fail!”
The link is here

(2). Innovative way of presentation
There are not so much message in this but the way to present with piano is so intriguing.
The link is here

(3). Traditional way can still win.
On the contrary, one can entertain and at the same time address important message to audiences by just talking- traditional way of presentation.
Ken Robinson, a famous TED talker, didn’t even use gesture nor walk around the audience. Especially the last 3 minutes, the part of death valley, is breath-taking moment.
The link is here

I wish I had skills like them to attract people.
But as I said in the beginning, everybody has a different style of presentation.
We just need to elaborate it by learning from others.


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