If you head north, you will hit the dry land and the desert. When you turn around and go all the way to the south, you will see glaciers. On the east side, you can always see Andean cordillera (unless theere is a smog especially in capital). Oh don’t forget that if you drive a few hours to the west, you will encounter Pacific Ocean and you can fly to some islands.

Everything mentioned here is what you can see in a single country, Chile, so that which direction you go really matters.

Well, in this post, as I said in my previous entry, I will try to describe as many beautiful things in Chile as possible. But as one image worth more than a thousand words, I will do so with photos of this long and narrow country from the north to the south, west to the east as well as the center.

1. North

San Pedro de Atacama (Atacama Desert)


Rainbow Valley

2. South 

Chiloé Archipelago

Paine National Park (Patagonia)

Cueva de Mármol (Cave of Mable)

3. West 

Easter Island

Robinson Crusoe Island

4. East

Skiing at Andean Cordillera

5. Center

Valparaiso (2009)

Vega Central Market (La Vega)

Pastel de Choclo (Corn cake), my favorite Chilean food (Corn, Chicken, Beef, Olive, Egg, etc.)

Those are my highlighted photos (there are many more great places, things and foods therefore I really recommend to visit this country).

Again, in this country, which way you go really matters because you see different things depending on directions. Keeping that in mind, I will head to the new direction, Mongolia, and I will keep running towards my GOAL (META) as the photo shows.

Thank you so much, and see you later Chile!


3 thoughts on “Directions


    Hiroshi, que este viaje sea maravilloso para ti, que se cumplan tus metas, que te sientas feliz y realizado en tu trabajo, logres todas tus expectativas y te acoga muy bien este nuevo pais.
    Te extrañaremos y esperaremos tu regreso con la ilusión de que volveremos a compartir en familia, te queremos ¡¡¡ Feliz Viaje ¡¡¡

    1. MD Post author

      Muchas gracias Tía Lily,
      Me gustó mucho su mensaje tanto por este medio como por otra parte (a la cual acabo de responder).
      Voy a intentar de seguir escribiendo para informar lo que estoy sintiendo, así como para no olvidar Español, jaja.
      Un abrazo grande,

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