Do something

Syrian case is at the center of international attention and many are concerned about what is going to happen.

Last time, I wrote about human rights saying that unless we have a collective understanding of what they are, we cannot have a full commitment for the future we want.

But we can do something meanwhile we think. At least some countries and people are doing something.

For example, Malala (16), an international icon of educational activist, is raising $500 million over the next three years to provide education to the 300,000 Syrian school-age children living in Lebanon. According to Time, Lebanon estimates nearly 550,000 school-aged Syrian children will be in the country by the end of the year, outnumbering Lebanon’s own 300,000 school-aged children.

Since this case is at the center of attention, I wish something gets done immediately and people start prioritizing education for other nations as well. And most importantly, I think we can do something in this regard.

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