“To learn=Tolerance”

“Why do people kill each other and what can we do about it?”

I happened to see “Hotel Rwanda” for the second time and I asked myself.
This story addresses the Rwandan massacre in 1994 in which one tribe (Hutu) killed about 1.000.000 of another tribe (Tutsi).

Trailer: “Hotel Rwanda”

I guess in some ways or another, human beings have instinct to hart someone, but the reason and tolerance prevent us from doing so, and education is one of the keys to learn them.

According to an article “”Why education must be central to new goals after 2015“”,
“Education is vital to foster the tolerance and trust that underpin democracy and avert conflicts. In the Arab world, for example, people with a secondary education are 14 percent more likely than those with just a primary education to be tolerant towards people of different religions. In Latin America and the Caribbean, people with secondary education are 32 percent tolerant of homosexuals”

I think students in inclusive school can be even more tolerant than those who attend traditional regular schools.

We all know the importance of education but policy makers tend to overlook its benefit because quality of education is somewhat intangible. Therefore, providing concrete evidence can be a resource to convince them to push it forward. UNESCO’s Education for

All Global Monitoring Report team has released a new report demonstrating education’s powerful role in transforming lives: “Education transforms lives”

The irony is that those who decide to make wars tend to be elites and “educated people”

“Why do people kill each other and what can we do about it?”


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