Embrace Failure

2016_03_01 Aceptar Fracaso

If you fall, you need to stand up. It’s very simple, but sometimes it’s not that easy.
If you have a small failure, stand up a liitle bit. If you have a big failure, make a big stand up. It’s very simple, but sometimes it’s not that easy.

The other day, I made a small failure, and I could make a small stand up.

2016_03_01 Embrace the failure

I use Duolingo, free language learning application, which allows you to set a daily goal and keep yourself on track with that goal. The more you achieve daily goal, the more you get motivated, and I failed to complete my daily task after 40 days of achievement.This was a small failure. Although I was a bit sad, I could embrace it and move on.

With regard to this (embracing failure), let me introduce two videos which inspired me a lot.

【Thank You, Mom | Pick Them Back Up | Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games】

This video teaches us that sometimes it’s ok to get some helps to stand up, and every time you fail, you need to stand up.

【Famous Failures】

This shows us that it’s important to know that everyone ,even the most successful people, fail and you need to embrace it to move on.

Actually those films were from the article “5-Minute Film Festival: Freedom to Fail Forward“. If we all could cerebrate the failure to embrace, more and more great ideas might occur.

We all fail, as the famous quote says, “If you haven’t failed, you’re not trying hard enough.

This time, I learned that:

you can get over the failure and move on by embracing it, which is encouraged by getting some helps and knowing the fact that everyone fails and stands up many times.


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