Failure for success

If you have to fail to succeed and prepare for that, maybe we can consider “failure” differently.

I came across an interesting article from “Hack the System”

According to this, to make a change or succeed, you have to fail so prepare for that. And this can be true of study, habits and creative processes.

“Failure is not failure. Failure is part of the change process. You must fail before you can succeed. The correct term is actually learning, not failing.”

The tough part is whether or not you can keep going forward when you keep failing (learning). At least we need a moment of satisfaction.
The article “Habits, Failure, and the Creative Process–How IDEO, the World’s Premier Design Firm, Succeeds by Expecting Failure”
The formula to enjoy life = X times down and (X+1) times up
(“the vicissitudes of life”)


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