Fairy Tale


Once upon a time, there were a elder man and woman living in a small village….

I think there are common components to make fiary tales be loved by everyone.

[Things in Common in fairy tales] 1. Ordinary life(we can all share )
2. Conflicts (we can share in one or or another)
3. Adventure(we somehowl dream about)
4. Achieving a goal( it excites us)
5. Coming back to the ordinary life (we share again)

Today, I saw a movie called “Jack the Jiant Slayer-3D (2013)”, based on the fairy tale we read in our childhood. Although I am not a big fun of 3D given wearing the glasses for 2 hours make me tired, I really enjoyed this movie.

Nowadays, there are lots of movies based on fairy tales; Puss in boots, Snow queen, Alice in wonderland, Sleeping beauty, Shrek, and so on.
We all know what’s going to happen. But we still love these stories.
To be honest, I want to see Japanese one as well.

So my suggestion to Japanese film makers is to make modern version of Japanese fairy tales’ movies. It can show the world that Japan has many wonderful fairy tales.
I wonder how it looks like if Momotaro, Kintaro or Urashimataro come out with 3D.
(It might lose its authenticity, but I would love to see it. )
Trailer: “Jack the Giant Slayer”

I wish I could my childish heart no matter how old I will be.


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