Ferry trip between Finland and Sweden and cost saving tips

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-Nordic countries are very similar?

This was the question I had out of curiosity. To my little knowledge, many people (including myself) have tendency to group nordic countries as rich countries with good social welfare (and high tax rate for that!).

Since I came to live in Denmark, one of the nordic countries, I decided to take this opportunity to travel neighboring countries – Finland and Sweden. In addition, I learned that there is daily ferry to connect those two countries, so gave it a try for the first international ferry experience.

In this entry, I will share some of highlights and learnings in Finland, Sweden and some experience of international Ferry travel and some tips to reduce your travel cost (!)

Finland (Helsinki – 2 days)

Some Characteristic

  • Moomin (probably you might have seen this character)
  • Nature (one of the water-richest countries)
  • One of the best Education system (see “Finland Education System“)
  • Cold (as any other nordic country)
  • Road is not for baby stroller friendly (this might be specific for those who use baby stroller)


  • Berries
  • Karjalanpiirakka (if you want to know how to pronounce this, check here)
  • Fried vendace
  • Street food (looked yummy)

Highlighted places

  • Train (clean and practical, including the sign which has all the info you need)
  • Harbor and Flying cinema (interesting fact: college students collect and patch marks as they go to event)

  • Temppeliaukion kirkko
  • Sibelius Monument and Park

  • Temppeliaukio Rock Church

  • In front of the opera museum (I felt the earth of Helsinki!)
  • Helsngin Tuomiokirkko
  • Uspenski Cathedral
  • Suomenlinna (this is a view from the ferry)

Sweden (Stockholm – 1 day)

  • Nice views from the ferry station to the Vasa museum on foot

  • FIKA means backwards letter of KAFI “Coffee” in Sweden, which is a break to drink coffee and eat to socialize. FIKA can be an activity that makes “Hygge” (coziness or relaxed atmosphere in Denmark)

  • Vasa museum (ship museum)
    (Although I ma not a big fan of museum), this was one of the best museum I have ever seen from the historical and entertainment point of view!

Ferry from Helsinki to Stockholm

For those who read through till here, I will provide tips to save 20 euros.
There are mainly 2 companies – Viking line (what we took) and Tallink. Service, schedule and price are almost the same.

Here is how to save 20 euros (depending on the room category): just book through their local language instead of English sight. Period.

They have exactly the same classes in different languages, but for some reason, local language is cheaper to book. I e-mailed the company if foreigner can book from local language sight, and the answer was yes. Just open the same sight in 2 languages and find your room category via google translator to cross check.

Below are some photos from our ferry trip (mostly foods!), which became unforgettable memory.

Well, hope you feel like traveling now. The more we travel, the more we see new things, and the more we learn.

The learning of this time 

Through my experience to travel Finland and Sweden by Ferry, I learned that nordic countries have many differences and there are so many things to see and experience in a limited life time, so there is no time to waste. 

Thank you for reading this article. Have a great learning!


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