From the birth…

Following the baby topic of yesterday, today’s theme is “from the birth…”

Although every country has its unique characteristic, there exist something common in the regions.
The level of Ecnomy and Education in Latin America have increased compared to other regions over the last few decades. Taking a look at the inequality (difference between the rich and poor), however, Latin America and the Caribbean is the most unequal region in the world.

IDB(Inter-American Dvelopment Bank) has a 3 min video showing this issue, comparing two boys who are born on the same day but with different socio-economic background (Daniel in a poor family and Augstin in a rich family.)
The point of this video is as follows:
-The learning gap among the rich and poor begins even before they enter the school
-Poverty affects children’s learning opportunities from the time they are born and their paths trhoughout school

Although this is showing one panorama of Latin American countries, it can be true of countries of other regions too.
This bad cycle–the rich getting good education and the poor being left behind– is just like atheletes who jump the gun keep wining.

The link of video:
“One snapshot of Education in Latin America”


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