Go or Return

(photo: MOTOKO, cat of my roommates, Kenny and Julia)

I’m exhausted.

I’m here on OPT.
But I didn’t know it would be expired if I didn’t get neither job nor volunteer within 90days after I got OPT.

I thought it would last for a year!
That way more than 180 days had passed since I got OPT. I wouldn’t be able to come back here at least 3 years!!!

I will get through eventually, NO, It’s not that easy. All the more, if I want to stay and exert myself for more years, I have to handle this at all cost!!!
Connection, force of tear, jurisdiction, I have utilized whatever I had! Finally I could make it out!

To convince my school side, I even quoted Mr Luther King’s “I have a dream!” speech.

I was glad to have changed my situation because I could check my status again and have time to solve it.

I AM LEGAL without doubt!


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