Heartwarming story

I belatedly notice that I changed my job: Educational Program Coordinator of “Grant Assistance for Grassroots Project” (GGP) at embassy of Japan.

In summary, the GGP program, implemented by Japanese ministry of foreign affair through Official Development Assistance (ODA) provides non-refundable financial assistance for infrastructure project at a grassroot level.
It seems that I would have to travel around Chile 1~2/month, and I will learn more about this country as well as the work of donor side.
Speaking of non-refundable financial assistance, I came across a heartwarming story:

Dazaifu city, Fukuoka prefecture, disclosed on 16th that 600.000 yenes (approx 6.000 USD) was donated anonymously.
It was attached by letter addressing this person saved 10.000 yenes (100 USD) per month for the last 5 years, and will do so within another 5 years.
According to the city, a woman whose voice sounded elder, called a municipal on 10th saying “please give it to those who need it”. On that evening, the money and letter arrived.
The letter said “10.000/month, 120.000/year and 600.000/5 years…I am not so young but if I am alive, I will do the same in 5 years.”
The city appreciated her intention and decided to use it for welfare issue.

Even an individual can do something.


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