How to come up with Resolution 2017

A late happy new year!

Already half of January is gone.
It’s up to you whether you think “1/24 is gone already” or “there are still 23/24 left”.
I am in between, since you have to push yourself, but you should not rush to achieve something big in a long term.

My resolutions for 2017 will be mainly on 3 things: 1. Health 2. Learning 3. Creation
Below, as I have done in the last 3 yeas, let me briefly explain my analysis on how I came up with this (and I will explain why I bolded only number 3 above).

In short, there are two points to decide resolution: You need to learn from the past, but look at present to see what you really need. So lets’s take a look at my examples basd on the resolutions of 2015, 2016 and 2017.

2015 Resolution
1. Meeting People
2. Language
3. Health (3E: Eat, Exercise and Energize well)
4. Learn Coding
5. More creativity

Lessons Learnt from 2015: there was no follow-up system nor measurable indicators. Also, when I asked myself, l noticed that 1 and 4 were not my priority.

2016 Resolution
1. Health (3E)
2. Language
3. Learning

Lessons Leant from 2016: The plan was too detailed, which affected flexibility negatively (e.g. when I traveled for work, I couldn’t achieve any planed activities which made me feel guilty). Also 2 can be included in 3. Furthermore, I realized that making habit (process) is better than setting goal with detailed plan.

The last point is also explained very well in the article I read through pocket “Forget About Setting Goals. Focus on This Instead.”

With above lessons in mind, 2017 resolution will be the following 3 areas:

【2017 Resolution-HLC】
1. Health (3E)
2. Learning
3. Creation

The reason I bolded 3 was that I already built the habits of 1 and 2 more or less (still need to improve though), so I will do them anyway without paying conscious effort. What I will focus more on will be creating things and making a habit of it. When you know what you priority is, it will be much easier to work on it. Also, I will follow up on in the middle and end of this year based on the current situation (baseline).

Below are the comparison of the resolution table between 2016 and 2017.

2016_01_10 New Year Resolution


Do you have resolutions? What are these? How did you come up with and how will you follow up?

This time, I learned that:
Based on the lessons learnt and what you want to do, it might be better to focus on habit instead of detailed objectives for sustainability 


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