How to make a simple cellular holder

Have you had a difficulty in trying to hold your cellphone with any object, either to take a photo, watch video or read something? Maybe some people would say yes.

I had many occasions in which I wanted to take a photo of a nice view with me or everyone (without excludin anyone of the group), but there was nobody to ask or nothing to hold my cellphone to use self-timer. So I decided to buy a tripod or cellular holder.

I looked into some websites and it was not that expensive, but I had second thoughts: I wanted something really small to keep with me all the time, because you never know when the best shutter chance would be.
So I came to a conclusion: Maybe I can make one with a simple and tiny material. Then I found out how to make a really simple, cheap and light cellphone holder, which I will share in this entry.

The material that I wanted to use was something very simple, small, light, and really easy to get. After trying corrugated cardboard, origami, wire, etc., I decided to use paper clip, the one you can find at office or home.
I thought this was a great idea, but of course, some people had already tried it: I found 3 YouTube videos on that 🙁
I tried them all, and arranged them to make it even easier to make.

So here is my version (by using the big paper clip):

As you see, it is really really straightforward: take a big clip (about 5cm long) and make it straight, and fold both side three times (1cm, 3cm and 3cm).

Then, voila!! Your cellphone is ready to be held (horizontally and vertically)!!

(* To hold vertically, you need to bend down to 45 degree or so.)

To be honest, I was so excited to see my baby cellphone standing for the first time (I am sorry, real parents). Besides, to my surprise, even a small clip (3cm long) can hold a cellphone.

Out of curiosity, I wanted to know the extent to which this thing could hold, so I tried with my second most used thing―kindle (e-book reader).

Well, I couldn’t help screaming with the result: it can hold Kindle!!

Also, If you are worried a little bit, you can do the following, which I call the “clip partnership“:

You can carry it with you all the time by bending down like below (when you need it, just bend it up):

You can also play with it.

Clip Family Meeting

Clip Art Bridge

Well, that’s it. I really recommend you to try it out! It’s easy, cheap (almost no cost), simple, light and fun!!

Any comment, feedback, suggestion and shareing are welcome.
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